Why reward people for coming 10th

13/01/19 11:19
Is it just me that thinks you shouldn't be promoted for finishing 10th ?

Like who goes yes I finished 10th I'm up a league, like nobody it's just ridiculous whats next seasons pointless update then promoted for finishing 11th / 12 /13th maybe ?

Like if you win 5 games your probs promoted like to some players winning 5 games they'll do that every season and they don't even have to work for it like you can be promoted for being bad how does that work you don't even have to win half your league and you can now gain promotion ?
13/01/19 11:29
because a single promotion is basically staying same level since top level increases by 1 every season, so bottom 3 stay on same level which equals relegation, 2-4th (if below lvl72) get a double promotion which gets them 1 closer to top level and first gets a triple which gets them 2 closer