Mamtir fc (king)

04/05/18 17:26
گوشی قبلی من شکسته و گوشی جدید گرفتم؛ تکلیف تیم قبلی من چیه؟ هرکاری میکنم وارد اکانت قبلی نمیشه. خواهش میکنم راهنمایی کنین منو
04/05/18 23:44
Wrong section mate. Please post in your own section where there are people who can understand your language.
05/05/18 02:30
Wrong section here. If u think we are Iranians who cover ourselves with other nation flags then ur wrong. We are kiwi,british and others apart from iranian!
05/05/18 08:05
It says

My previous phone and I got a new phone my previous assignment; the team? I do not enter the previous account. I am the menu help please

Think he is in the wrong place he needs the help pages
05/05/18 13:24
He makes as much sense as sweet nitro lol.