20 members needed for GvG participation

04/05/18 08:48
Just hit search for new opponents in a GvG only to be told you need to have 20 members who've been there for at least 48 hrs this is absolutely f*cking ridiculous
04/05/18 08:58
Yeah that is not a good move by the dev's. Instead of punishing smaller guilds why don't the have a look at the ones who play less than half of their challenges. Currently we are "playing" Tchik Tchak (or whatever they're called) and they have 24 unused games with only a few hours left. It is these types of guilds that ruin GC's, not the smaller ones. Who in the right mind would even bother trying to set up a new guild with these new rules, it was hard enough before.
04/05/18 09:27
It'll effect all guilds now with fewer opponents eligible to play, and penalise those wanting to play, who the hell came up with this idea! ICDG have 19 so we can no longer play!?!?!
04/05/18 11:41
Have you just had a load join? Could be the 48 hour rule rather than member numbers. We've got 13 in feeder and are able to play.
04/05/18 11:43
Nope everyone has been there for over a week
04/05/18 12:39
Very confused. Put a ticket in.
04/05/18 15:46
Your right. It won't let our feeder search either. That's shite.
04/05/18 20:11
The number of complaints will be huge, massive waiting time for those with 20 plus due to reduced guilds available, people I hear are now leaving established guilds in search of regular income, what a stupid move.
04/05/18 22:07
We could do with a couple of players just to make the numbers up. We might need "no marks for hire".
04/05/18 23:40
We need to overwhelm them with support tickets complaining of this or we wont be heard.