Super active player needing an active guild.

08/02/18 04:46
i am new to Touchdown but have played The rugby version where I am currently level 58. I am only level 1 here but would be a good active player to have in your guild and I will progress quickly.

I am in a guild called NFL International Series which appears to be full of inactives so need to change to a guild the has high hk's, lots of entertaining chat and runs non stop GC's.

If you are interested please drop me an invite. You wont be sorry.

10/02/18 22:03
Invite sent from Fats Risers
11/02/18 15:27
Thanks for the invite. i will join you as soon as current challenge is completed.
03/08/18 01:39
Join Jetstar
21/01/19 00:31
We're building the next great guild at the Bar. We're pretty chill, not to heavy handed in leadership, and almost all active. We've gotten rid of alot of inactives, and will gladly kick the last couple for new active teams. We have one team that's been here from the start that's full of knowledge and happy to help, but the thing I love the most about the Bar is the chat, we've got a few characters who always keeps things interesting. Friendly Pack Attack, Thou Mayest, Ozone, or any of the other leaders for an invite, then pull up a stool, have a beer, relax, unwind from your day, and enjoy some interesting banter with us at the Bar...