I want to start a less then 40 tourney

24/01/19 03:50
Since there are so many feeder guilds I would like to start a tourney for those teams. If I can get the intrest up I will host. Lets get these lower level teams a chance.
GhostZ of Tom Joad
Z Nation Empire
24/01/19 04:19
Legion of boom is my little team lvl 41 tho am i disqualified? I also can let my little guild know and see who wants to participate? Lvel 45 and down maybe? We have a few teams level 40 to 45 that would wanna play
24/01/19 04:37
Hell we can do a 45 down I aint scared lol
24/01/19 04:39
I would love to see nerd and LOB from your guild
24/01/19 04:45
Just want to see some lower level teams to keep the game up and running as those teams are the fututre of the game
24/01/19 04:50
Agreed!! Thats why I started the lower guild, to teach and grow the game ever so slightly. We need more teachers as this game has no tutorial. It loses people before they even get good. I will let the little guild know and see who wants to participate!
24/01/19 05:28
Ok we have some teams that are ready. Hope we can get this going to get new teams to get the fire to keep the game going
24/01/19 05:38
So far I have 4 teams ready. Thanks for the idea. Im running a top lvl interguild Turney next season. To keep the fire in the bigs as well. Games lost a few uppers lately and we gotta keep it interesting!!! Love the idea!
24/01/19 11:18
Id be interested in taking part with my team Trump the Chump, level 36.

it would be really cool to have a tourney that lower teams could take part in as its just a total waste of time joining with the big boys tourneys. kudos to you for this intiative,
24/01/19 13:06
Lets look for the 27 of the month after the season end but we all still have gear. I have a tourney final today but when it is over I will set it up