12/12/16 10:06
I want my national flag...MADAGASCAR'S FLAG......I'm the present champion of the top level and there is still no flag for my country.........A request that i asked several weeks ago but there is still no change....

12/12/16 14:23
right them a direct ticket to developers PL and see if you can get any luck with a response
13/12/16 15:26
Give the man his flag, Sublinet! You should recognise one of the greats of the game.
14/12/16 11:12
14/12/16 19:22
very disappointed that its not been put up there, to me my welsh flag means a lot its why i am where i am in the game its a bonus that my guild has the best players in the game so i can see why Randrianasolo (pl) wants his flag to me the flag is everything i play for, all we ask for is one flag you have given to others
15/12/16 17:12
I have one idea that might just get the man the flag he deserves if all your guild send a ticket I'll send a ticket to support and just maybe we may be able to get the man the flag he deserves
15/12/16 18:15
Yes give the man the FLAG he deserves.
15/12/16 22:17
Hi keiron im afraid we beat you to that idea.. most of us already have numerous times.. plus others in game..
17/12/16 11:12
Willwhale Kieran is me Ashley hahaha that is my dummy account
21/12/16 09:46
yes i aslo want my country flag moderator have to update and bring new changes in game