Some Guilds are just becomming a pain & taking the mick

04/03/18 11:55
Almost every time we have a new G C starting now we get the idiots sending out invites to join them don't know if it happens to other guilds as well but I suspect it does.

we now have a policy of if we get an invite their leader will get 25 back. Maybe then the idiots will get the message
04/03/18 18:53
That would just encourage me to friendly you over and over on repeat . If people invite my team I see it as a compliment they think your good enough to join and they want your team to come to them but people who send invites on repeat from other guilds I tend to play there entire guild on repeat for a week or until I get bored but certainly wouldn't discourage me
05/03/18 00:56
Every guild get numerous Invites from Irani teams... Wish we could send back a one fingered sign language reply !

Have also noticed that a leopard doesn't change his spots - level 50 vs level 9 x 4 times. Just because he beat your 2nd small team!!! Same old story , Don't blame the nephew this time Shaun - Chelsea.
05/03/18 09:53
Yeah but like somebody said do it to an Iranian
06/03/18 22:50
I have no idea who your team is nobody of recent has played my second account in a friendly other than iranian teams if you're chelsea then hell I'd expect someone of level 46+ to beat a level 41 thats about 30 -40 stars lower you complain about me using my main account to beat what I think is chelsea yet you beat my second account apparently with a team thats 7 levels higher and 30- 40 rated more same thing really
07/03/18 05:11
Wasn't your team Ash. Was- Old mate Chelsea !