24/10/16 02:06
how do i train one player or just the players i want too lvl up
24/10/16 13:29
In the training facility you can select the players you want to train with the little checkbox in from of their name.
But the resting timer is common for the whole team. So if you train only one player, you will have to wait before training another one. It's better to train all not-tired players together.

Once your player has training points to assign, you can click on him and assign points one by one to the skills you want.
24/10/16 22:06
thanks that was a great help to me
05/11/16 19:14
it won't let me do that....I select the player, click on offensive or defensive skills and I see the eleven points, but, clicking on it, or the attribute, or anything else does nothing....when I select assign automatically, it doesn't do anything sometimes.

Edit: I noticed it's only with forty quality players.
07/11/16 11:06
That means your player has reached the maximum skills level for your championship level. You will be able to assign his training points next season when you will level up.
The maximum players quality is 35 + 5 * championship level.
11/11/16 06:46
Does training only one player increase the amount of training that one player gets?
15/11/16 19:21
no, it just doesn't takethe energy
15/11/16 19:22
Oh, and NEVER auto-train! Put the points where they will do the most good by position
07/12/16 03:45
ok thanks very helpful but question whats the best traing for the players streching cardio or all out full contact practice like whats trhe percentage of each one.. i see you lose some energy but what is gained ???
07/12/16 15:51
When your train players, they earn training points you can assign to upgrade their skills.
The amount of training points earned depends on the training duration.
The 2h training is equivalent to 4 times 30 minutes training, but it costs more energy.