“Yesterday, MB seems so far away”

09/09/18 19:42
Match fixers are only happening to help people to stay in the top level when they clearly shouldn’t be there.
Either win your way up into there
Or get demoted and remain in the level you should be.
We all know who the main culprits are but it seems even more “powerful” guilds now need to take part to remain in the top tier.

Personally I think people are taking part in it purely to gaurentee a top level space so they have a speed advantage on guild challenges ect

Bringing in a zero point for draws in championship should help the problem...
Or play until someone wins. No draws allowed basically.
But I’m sure they will all figure a way around it still.
Shame as it’s ruining the game for everyone else
09/09/18 20:14
Hi Jason,
if you know who the teams are, call them out.
If I manage to get to the top and had evidence of teams match fixing, I would definitely name them on the Forum. And I would look forward to their excuses, or denial.
09/09/18 20:53
It’s clear to see all the players in on the act bud, just take a look at a level 64’s championship and you’ll see it in pretty much every single one.
it’s a real shame to see they have pretty much started to dominate the top levels with their fixing acts.
I wouldn’t name and shame, my personal advice, stay out top level.
I dropped out top level and now sitting one level below where there is a bit more of a fight
09/09/18 20:54
And also if I named and shamed them all. I’d need around 3 days to type all the names
09/09/18 21:03
Jason Red :

And also if I named and shamed them all. I’d need around 3 days to type all the names

LOL, Well, if is happening, in about 6 months time (hopefully) watch this space.