09/10/18 14:33
Premise 1(the Crux in this case) - I'm not good
Premise 2- there are 3 levels of good players as evidenced by my history
Conclusion - the cream rises to the top and the cream is 3 levels from the top and above.

Anymore help needed?
09/10/18 14:34
So as I said, simple premise premise conclusion. And as your proof against me said, simple premise premise conclusion.
09/10/18 14:37
are you reading it you cant use "logic premise" a premise is an assumption that something is true. so what the f%^& is "logic premise"

you really are a genius... i was just wondering are you always this stupid or is today a special occasion?
09/10/18 14:42
Black Monks :

Sorry hooligan, everyone understands exactly what I'm saying, except one group. And remember, I stated from the beginning that all I was doing was showing a guys integrity was in good standing and I didn't want to argue, two of you wanted to argue. I have been very cordial throughout and will remain so. I am sorry that basic logical premise premise conclusion eludes you, but that is not the fault of me or logic. Have a wonderful day.

I am sorry that basic logical premise premise conclusion eludes you. Let's break down the sentence and if a comma was missed I'm sorry but I'm snot sorry. I'm sorry basic logical (silent understood-format of) premise premise conclusion. I don't know about everyone else but this is basic primary school education of logic. You may also remember that all ids are fids argument, down with truth, up with falsity, logical squares?
09/10/18 14:43
And I didn't use "logic premise". Logical argument of premise premise conclusion. Please let me know how I can assist with any other confusion, or we can go back to the original topic and simply ask yaki if he fixed the match since everyone agrees he has no reason to lie. Just a thought?
09/10/18 14:45
My premise- I'm not good
My premise- there is clear evidence that I'm good when below 4 levels from top and bad from 3 levels from top
Conclusion- the cream rises.