Trouble makers

17/07/16 09:24
Beastie. He is now with SARU. Rovers is their leader . how do you get to warn them ? . I have sent them invites with a warning on my discription. Dont know if it will work though
19/10/16 15:37
Do you guys know if Boksel changed his name? He came to our guild a week back but i kicked him quickly
21/10/16 12:36
Thanks we'll look out for him as we are recruiting. A point to other guilds don't just promote everyone to RH's, we have 1 leader and 4 RH's that have been in the guild for over a year. The highest we promote to is experienced and only trusted people, i.e. those who have been with the guild for sometime get promoted to RH, if and when a RH leaves. If these tossers are only out to destroy guilds they will soon leave and go elsewhere if you adopt similar rules.