Being ripped off

15/04/18 11:30
Black Monks :

So you want to allow a bigger gap between the free play and cc play? I don't.

This is a players argument not a business argument. Sweet Nitro are a business and obviously like any other they want to maximize income. Your argument is against this.

In any case, the Gap is still too big either way but unless they find a reasonable method to separate CC players from non-paying players it will always be the case.
15/04/18 12:00
Player argument plays into the business argument. You need free to play players for the numbers, if you get to few free players you lose paying players. It's not as simple as fleece the most out of those who will pay today. If business were that easy everyone would be a businessperson
15/04/18 12:22
I agree that numbers of players are very important but would it not be better for them to separate the two somehow? Have a check box confirming or denying you are one or the other and for the ones who tick the box for "non-paying" are never shown the offers and keep them in separate leagues and tournaments based on this "choice"? Guild Challenges and Map matches could still remain as they are.
15/04/18 14:07
I like the removal of the popup option as its annoying, but if payers went into a different league why would people pay? The purpose is to gain an advantage, not play only other people wit the same advantage. Also, your pay structure earlier may be better, we would need the metrics to know and you and I will never get those for this game.
15/04/18 14:38
True. All we can do here is discuss, theorise, idealise and fantasise our own "RM World" as we would like to see it
17/04/18 17:39
I personally wouldn't mind actually paying for the game and then getting rid of perfect players and mb. Maybe make it free for the first 6 months to get you hooked. Like when you sell scag to kids. Lol.
Or even pay small subscription every year. Let's face it, we would if it was nominal like a fiver or something because we are all addicts. Especially if it meant leveling the playing field.