12/10/18 11:15
Looking at results all season, How many members from Spuitpoep, Juggernauts and La Cag are actually good? Shame they don't play the game fairly to find this out.
12/10/18 12:45
12/10/18 20:35
And how many of Damage have got to #1 spot not on the backs of their guild mates???
13/10/18 13:44
How did the match fixers get on today? Did it backfire on any of them?
13/10/18 14:46

How did the match fixers get on today? Did it backfire on any of them?

I've seen a good few not getting promotion which is ashame.
13/10/18 23:59
My heart bleeds purple p1** for them lol.
15/10/18 13:37
Interesting observation, the guilds mentioned above are all on top or there abouts in the GC rankings, not sure their able to fix those rankings.
15/10/18 13:46
It's easy to keep beating poor teams and bringing in other high level players to join the match fixing squad.
15/10/18 15:52
I look at one of the championships in question and there was match fixing apparent. However the relegation point total was 36 and those with 37 moved forward, also the match fixer who benefited was from le cag and the peson that was relegated was also from le cag. 36 resulting in relegation shows that it was a very strong championship as a whole so I would just question who these poor teams are that are easy wins. I didn't see any in that championship. Also, I believe that the ship relegation was within 3 points of 3rd place which makes match fixing even more difficult. But I didn't watch every match and there was match fixing occuring in games I did watch. Can't remember any names though now, sorry.
15/10/18 20:43
I like this post because your basically saying "Webb Ellis Ball Boys" are the best legitimate guild around lol