Modérator recruitment

07/12/16 14:47
Hello everyone,

I am currently in search of moderators for accompany us to help members of FC2.

The required qualities

- Be active in your game
- Have good knowledge about the game
- Know to write without spelling error
- Know wield a forum
- Be as courteous as possible
- Being a member "neutral"
- Be major

How to apply for the job

On this topic or contact me by Mail ( ) :

- Introduce you in a few words
- Your experience of the game
- Your motivations

Thank you not to make flood on to this post !

Best Regard,

07/12/16 15:29
I think i should be an admin.. i am the leader of the best guild i have great people skills.. i very rarely make spelling mitsakes.. i have lots of knowledge.. and am willing to help
07/12/16 17:23
Hello Will Whale,

Before being an admin, you have to go through the moderator function .
For the moment I search the minimum two moderators, But if a moderator is very competent, yes I might be considering to nominate him admin ,after a time in the moderator function.

Best regard
07/12/16 17:36
i back will whales to be a perfect moderator as he is the leader of my guild and has inspired us to be the number 1 guild at the moment.

07/12/16 18:36
Will will be perfect as moderator
07/12/16 19:01
07/12/16 19:07
i vote for will if you want to be the best you need to have the best cant get better than will just look for team wales its the one at the top of the guild list with the big red dragon on it
07/12/16 23:22
I vote for will too but the only thing is they still won't listen to him about the unfairness in this game if it wasn't for the good online friendships we've created on here the only people they would have playing here would be the iranians
08/12/16 01:57
I second the motion put forward in the previous posts and have nothing but total respect for Will Whales, who would definitely be an exemplary moderator.

Despite the onslaught of dirty tricks by the Iranians and Sublinet in this game, Will Whales pushed and drove us to become the top guild in this game, and to be men of our word as we told Taffy, our founder, we will keep the flag of Team Wales flying high and proud.

I can also assure you, Will's comprehension of the English language is, in reality, impeccable and comprehensive.

Thank you, Admin.
08/12/16 21:23
I am a man of the people.. what can i say.. i have the support of the biggest teams in the game.. i would be amazing addition.. im very passionate