Guild War Challenges

07/12/15 08:21
How do I challenge another player from the guild we are set to play against? Oh, and the war has started, btw. And I can see a lot of activity from my fellow guild members in playing against the other, and I've been chosen to play, but can't seem to find where.
07/12/15 16:26
go to - Match - Bottom Right Cell (Guild Challenge) - then pick opponent (cannot be someone who has lost). You can play 2 matches, and don't worry if you have already been beaten as this doesn't count as one of your matches. They only count the ones you start yourself.
07/12/15 18:07
What is the duty of the guid leader in the guild war?
07/12/15 22:16
Nice concept but challenge page needs to be made easier to read. Feel like I need a degree to even figure out what is going on there
07/12/15 22:32
why cant all I picked chalange
08/12/15 22:39
How does this guild challenge work? Seems like some of the top ten don't even get to play

Can you please explain the rules as it's very confusing
08/12/15 22:52
Just checking but am i right in assuming that if you are challenged, and win, then the opposition can continue to challenge you?
09/12/15 05:48
All 10 in your guild can play 2 games but since there is only 10 opponents and once they have been defeated you can not challenge that team again so if 5 of your guild mates play 2 games and win both the other 5 miss out.