Welcome back

09/03/17 15:32
When I was 6 star team you played a friendly against me as respect? Then team GB continued to play my 6 star team in friendlies for respect? Wow, I thought all this hateful talk toward me was hateful, guess it was just an obscene amount of respect. I appreciate it!
09/03/17 15:34
I'm going to go into my workplace this morning, call my boss boy and tell everyone american to be silent. When they try to fire me I will educate them about British behavior and then they will know how highly respected they are. I'm probably getting promoted!
09/03/17 15:36
Colstons :

You ask for us to be friendly you moan when you say we're Not friendly you moan we can't win, I don't want to see people disappear from the game the more competition the better and all helps us improve

And I wasn't moaning, I simply asked if you guys gave others the special treatment or if it was only me. I can't name anyone else that you mocked to the point of being punished by admin, I can't name anyone else you kept an eye on in the game, was just simply asking if you do this to others or just me?
09/03/17 15:38
Statement of facts and moaning are not the same. Unless you read things not written, and I warn you that it is a bad thing for moderators to do, makes them show their bias too frequently
09/03/17 15:46
I am going to lock this topic because again it's gone off thread and starting to be slighlty aggressive in its tone unless anyone disagrees