Energy of players

27/06/17 16:11
Am getting really fed up with playing teams with low energy, but still playing like they are 100% fit ! What is the point of the energy rating if it doesn't relate to players being knacked ! If your 100% fit for all players, and a team are at 54% for all players, stands to reason you will beat them, as the more the game goes on the fitter your players are ? But nope it seems energy of players counts for nothing !! Get it sorted
27/06/17 16:33
Energy has a significant impact. I recommend, like the past discussion you had on this, reviewing your strat as there is something you are doing that doesn't allow you to take advantage of opponents energy levels.
27/06/17 18:25
I agree with black monks I've taken advantage of so many players on low health I purposely look for em on GC cos like guaranteed win pretty much with the right setup providing your not too lowly rated
28/06/17 17:29
Slam the penetration bar up on weak teams and they will drop like flies.
28/06/17 22:07
I think there was a period a few weeks back where energy made no difference - but it makes more difference than ever now IMHO. Just thrashed a team 60 points better than me 27-7 - they scored first, but then ran out of steam, because they were on 83% to start with.
30/06/17 23:05
I also don't get why the other team doesn't lose energy when you play them ! That can't be right, played 2 teams, and checked their energy levels right after match, and they were still 100% ?? Come on guys, both teams should lose the same amount of energy !!
30/06/17 23:27
If you lost energy from being played can you think of a negative consequence? Imagine being in a gvg and being the best team but you're asleep, the other guild could just play you 20x and then beat you because your players are drained. Could have huge impact on championship matches if a guild wanted to prevent a person from being promoted they could target that player each day for an hour before the match.
04/07/17 13:09
The really annoying one is where you check an opponent's energy before you play them and it is, let's say, 55%. You play the game and lose. You can't understand why, but when you look at the stats, you see that they are all 100% energy post match. No evidence that they may have upped energy with a bucket full of heals during the game. Is it that the enegy stats are not dynamically adjusted with the passage of time? There is nothing to tell you how they got down to 55% and when. You can look at when they last played an energy consuming match, but you don't know what training they've done. Suggests that the recorded energy level is a useless piece of info and xannot be relied on when setting up for a challenge.
16/07/17 19:22
Guys, are we saying that only you lose energy when playing a match ! Cause that's just madness, both teams should lose equal energy to make the game fair, and if lets say in a guild match you get 4 teams to play one team to reduce their energy, then that's real, you would expect a team to be knacked after being played 4 times, but this system makes no difference to the energy of the team you play, so he is always 100% no matter how many games get played !!
16/07/17 20:04
During the game energy of both teams is reduced but after the match the team challenged does not lose the energy to prevent the issues discussed. While in reality if you are challength 4x in a week, yes your players would be tired, but in reality ypu don't have to accept those, as a manager you control all games played. Imagine if the European championship were to be played this coming Saturday and all the French teams challenged the the English team in the championship team and the English teak had to play those games....that would be simply insane. So yes it is different than reality but it is to answer something that is different from reality.