msg for the big easy

07/04/20 10:29
Hey up guys whats happening over in Big easy your guild was a very solid guild?

Hope you guys can recover but if you don't think you can I'm happy to make you some space here guys as I know the quality you have and it's been a pleasure playing you whenever we've played you

yours sincerely

Ashley - Leader of the Guild Black Venom
12/04/20 14:49
Thanks Ash, the last of Big Easy are working with Valhalla to build the guild back up again.
There are still some great guys in there. So anyone looking for a new guild. No matter what level, search for Valhalla Geronimo!
12/04/20 14:49
13/04/20 12:24
Hey Mic good to know the Big easy is rocking on. I see your under new leadership heard you've had a merge ? Good luck oneday if i wasn't helping bulls in Rampage setup i'd defo come and join.
13/04/20 12:25
I can vouch valhalla great guys, and clean