Missing players

30/05/16 14:09
hi there. please help. i have 2 missing players from my team all of a sudden.. they are not 31 years old old. they are my best players
when i check the training games i player earlier in the day while they are in the team, i realised that their record is a blank now but i can still see them.
pls help.

30/05/16 14:52
I've exactly the same thing with one of my players - hopefully it will be sorted out with whatever updates they've been doing today
30/05/16 14:53
One of my young 90++ defender is gone too. Please sort it out fast.
30/05/16 15:51
me too i lost 2 players i dont understand
30/05/16 17:35
My best players are missing please help
30/05/16 18:27
i got players i didnt buy,i lost recruiters point
30/05/16 18:44
Strange stuff ...the game has been reset back a couple of hours. I guess this bug was created because of that
30/05/16 19:26
I've noticed that players can retire before month end now, check your messages and see if it says player "name" shall retire in 24 hours
30/05/16 19:28
Don't think it's that, my missing guy was 30, just think it's a cockup by-product of whatever changes they were doing earlier
30/05/16 19:30
I have noticed a few players missing from my team as well. Some of my guild members has also had the same thing happen. One thing I did note was that one of my players who should have retired did not, and looks like he's going to have another season.