Active player needs guild.

18/02/17 09:23
Hi I am looking for an English speaking guild. Fairly new to the game, currently undefeated after 3 in Championship 4, so well on my way to Champ 6. Have an avg team rating of 23.46 but this is always improving and 2 of my players have over 20 and 30 points stacked for when my championship rank raises.

Looking for an active guild with regular GvG events.
18/02/17 10:07
Hi Shaun, sounds good mate, you are welcome at Bad Mother Ruckers
18/02/17 10:18
If your fans are under 100k, just play me in a friendly and I will send you an invite.
18/02/17 10:27
Just played a friendly against you team name is Scottish not British
18/02/17 11:26
Just invited you to our Guild after you played me DHSFP 3 times.
03/03/17 00:08
Hi, may I have an invite too please?
03/03/17 00:09
Oh, my team name is Cornish Pasties.... I'll play you in a friendly
03/03/17 00:25
I'm new to the game and I'm massively struggling to find an active friendly guild. I have a team rating of over 24 and looking to progress quickly. I would like an active guild so that I can take part in guild battles. Currently my fans is way below your required 100,000. Hopefully you'll let me in.