Just a reminder

04/04/19 03:32
Hey Jammin' my guess is Mark is associated with Don in some way
04/04/19 05:00
He certainly comes across like a cocksucker. Maybe it is don the dickhead douche.
04/04/19 20:23
I have no idea who Don is. I do know Randy Young is a jerk.
05/04/19 02:02
Mark is not Don, Mark uses punctuations and proper sentences. Still don't know your team Mark, were you in his guild?
05/04/19 02:09
BTW, we are still looking for a few who want to hang with us Pimps. You just need the fire and a dark sense of humor. =)

The reason I started this thread

Jammin Giants (PIMPS!)
05/04/19 15:00
No Mark is a dumbass that used too be in the brotherhood.. Dude could not set up his own plays.. So he asked me too log in and make his playbooks and all that.. No idea where the who did you hack thing came from..

1 I only ever logged into his accout the day he asked.. and I did tell him to change his pw when i finished...

Game name is Springfield 49'ers... Or his wife (caugh caugh) Susannes Poets,,

He is hanging out in THE BAr with the rest of the fools that could not follow the simply rules of the brotherhood...

Springs was at the center of every fight the brotherhood had since my return...

Dude is like 99 years old has some Mega health problems and this game causes him more stress then trying to get that bra clip off the first time you tried... For real old man.. this game is gonna kill you.. Go play Uno..

05/04/19 15:04
Oh and Springs.. your posting on a recruitment page for the Pimps..

Maybe go make a I Hate LVO thread? you and dom can bake cookies for a I hate LVO Fundraiser maybe...

Na better let sus do it.. I think that task may be too hard for you.. hey do you need me to log into your kitchen and bake cookies for you too?
05/04/19 15:22
lol. I think Marky here was with Don in Destroyers.... surprised they didn't get along... similar tendencies.
06/04/19 03:21
Maddogs all you do is kiss Randy's asshole!!!
06/04/19 03:23
Say another thing about my wife Randy and I'll start on yours.