Play past the 80th minute

18/11/15 17:46
If a try is scored after the 80th minute there is not time for the kick off. The match is over.
19/11/15 11:29


I just played a training match and with 1 minute to go was winning 20-5. The game then continued for a further 36 game minutes(!!!!!!!) allowing my opponent to take a 26-20 lead before they hoofed the ball out. Each time I kicked off their 11 ran unimpeded through almost the whole of my team - he hadn't achieved that once in my prevoius two re-starts. Seems that when you are on a losing streak there is no way back up. I have bought better quality players and tried various strategies to no avail. If they don't fix this bias I will drop the game and expose the money generating strategy (greedy bastidges) of the designers for all to see - and avoid!

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I posted this above previously but it has just happened again. No rugby referee would allow play to continue for so long to allow a losing team to win. Come on, sort it out.

19/11/15 22:54
Same thing just happened to me against the same team, half my strength and two days in a row. In training games.
20/11/15 00:46
Would be an easy fix and make it a lot more enjoyable
20/11/15 06:53
I was winning by 19-0 at 1 min to go and had to kick off to the opponents. They then ran in 3 converted tries up to the 110th minute! I lost 21-19! PLEASE end the game on the last breakdown after 80 minutes or last conversion after 80 mins.
20/11/15 16:05
Have to say I've not lost this way, only won - quite a few times. So please don't fix it!
21/11/15 00:26
Nick Roberts :

Have to say I've not lost this way, only won - quite a few times. So please don't fix it!

Haha you're a dick
21/11/15 07:28
This has happened to me numerous times, in fact yesterday was winning 19-0 win 1 min to go, the opposition ran in 2 converted tries in the next 13mins!!! Yes the game restarted several times after the 80mins - this would not happen in rugby, therefore this must be an adaptation of the horrible game of soccer! Please fix or will expose this money racket at the highest level!
21/11/15 20:21
The teams that loose in this way have their rythim set to high and their team is tired
03/02/16 12:12
I still lose after 90 minutes!!!!!!!! It's not a soccer game!!!!!!!!