6 nations tournament doesn't work

02/02/18 12:01
I need new socks :

Targaryen Dragons :

meh what's the point in joining anyway, if you aren't in top few leagues you're not going to qualify for main tournament, so all you are doing is wasting time when you could be earning GB in a regular tournament with less chance that half your team will end up in the infirmary

It would be great if it was broken into divisions of 5 (or possibly as much as 10) levels, then even teams at lower end of the scale would have a chance at least, but a sub 50 team in this format is just a waste of space, there are currently 60 levels so maybe have ten divisions with 6 levels in each, then you can see how you stack up against a larger range of players rather than the same few teams as usual but still have a chance with the right tactics

It wont be the best team who wins it will be the team who spends the most on mb

Whoever wins can claim best team. Everyone will be using mb which evens it out.
02/02/18 12:05
They are making it up as they go as now 10000. But that does not work as they were doing it in batches of 64 so does not divide. How does the more than double work with the second round. Can only assume someone will get lucky and face 6* bots. Also just using the classic entry screen. Looks like it will be a disaster as per usual.
02/02/18 14:28
So is it open again? This is an easy fix and would give players new something to look forward to. Champ 20+ only can enter tourney, eliminates bots and gets a goal early in game
10/02/18 04:19
I lost my semi-final (so finished in the top 4) but I didn't get any gold balls...
10/02/18 04:32
The semis of the first tourney, not the semis of the 2nd
10/02/18 16:48
What the latest on Six Nations.
12/02/18 00:00
Sweetnitro.com has saved paying out a lot of gold balls on normal tournaments is probably about it.