Developers - This game is dying and you are losing your best players

22/06/16 01:51
A.B.S :

Welsh Wizzards & Welsh Wizzards Colts :

In the last 24 hours - from our guild alone - Dropkicks, ABS, AB Supporters, Kiwis and - probably the best tactical strategist this game has known - Cayden have all decided to call it a day and have quit or are in the process of doing so.

I won't embarrass the others by mentioning them by name but I have spoken to 3 other Level 21, 140,000 fan players who are also thinking of stopping playing. Make that 4 if you include me too.

Why? Boredom and the lack of a challenge once you max out your fans, complete all your buildings and your strategy is established and regularly successful.

Developers make money from people buying Gold Balls (and yes I have bought my fair share before anyone jumps down my throat) and therefore their logic is probably that the new players joining are more important that the established ones at the top as they are the future GB spenders.

To a degree they are probably right but in the age of software reviews and customer feedback the negative reviews that are bound to come from disgruntled players who leave the game will affect their future income streams as new players will question whether they want to invest in a game that has a limited life and interest threshold.

The game needs expansion to buildings in excess of 20 levels. It needs new buildings that can be added like a training academy or youth or colts teams, they need to look again at MB - not for the lower levels - but when Level 21 teams play other level 21 or even level 20 teams and there is a parity of rankings, etc.

The introduction of drop goals and attack and defence spacing was something but it didn't take long to master did it? The reduction to 7 or so subs was a good move but it is not enough.

I think that there will be a continuation of some of the best players leaving during the next 2 or 3 championships unless some major changes are made OR AT LEAST some future changes are announced.

Any more good players, the likes of Cayden, Dropkicks and ABS leaving, would be a real shame because this game could be so good.

Gareth Lewis
Welsh Wizzards

International Lions Guild

Hey Wizz and the rest of international lions and past guilds, just wanted to say thanks for the friendlies and endless banter, it has been an absolute joy! Best of luck to everyone ahead, fingers crossed the developers are reading these posts and they take note of what you ( their customers ) are saying!
My team will go up for auction in the next couple of days, please bid hard as the recruiter coins will be donated to a player who doesn't have a lot !!

Thanks again ABS

As long as its not that dodgy 10 I'm interested

Keep well mate - been a pleasure to get to know you.
22/06/16 11:51
Gravity Spikes, aka Rhyme of the ancient Mariner, also checking out at the end of the current season. The game has become too frustrating for me, especially with the match bonus issue. Also, the people at sublinet are not taking on board the comments made by its better players. Adios Rugby Manager.
22/06/16 12:04
My last day is going be 22nd of July. I'm on holiday for 3 weeks so it's a natural date to chuck in the towel. If a major update was to happen I would have a rethink but I can't see it happening.

22/06/16 14:51
Match Bonus defeats the purpose of the game. It also appears as if one cannot buy proper players from level 20+. So many good players currently leaving the game must tell you guys that there are bigger problems than you realise. I get the feeling that the fun stops immediately after all the more important buildings have been upgraded to level 20. After that it is just the same old same old which is very sad taking into account the many hours, and in some cases, money that the players spend on your game.

I cannot see myself playing the game for much longer unless some drastic improvements are made to keep the old school players interested.

22/06/16 15:00
I am another one also thinking of leaving the game, My feelings are the same as others that have posted here.

I would take match bonus away but allow lower level plays to train their players to the highest level possible (140) which would mean merge the auction into one and not per league.

Would have a top division, where the elite can challenge eachother with relegation and promotion. So we can see whom is really the best. People that leave will still be in for example level 21, if 3 people left from that championship and their teams not relegated, that will be a rubbish championship league for a long time.

Make it possible to train beyond 140 but it would cost a ridiculous amount more training points to go up one level than it will if your skills were lower.

I do like the idea of youths

22/06/16 15:40
I think this game is at best a part time project as the amount of things that could be improved but are ignored is growing by the season. My theory would be to expand the selling to either side of your level as well as your level and once you've maxed out all your buildings you get given a youth centre where you get a youth player aged between 18/21. You could keep the need for higher levels to keep buying golden balls by using the youth centre so the more you put in the higher the youth players skills. So of you pay in 25m you get between 30-44 average, 35m 45-59, 45m 60-74, 55m 75-89, 65m 90-104, 75m 105-119, 85m 120-134 and 95m for 135+ average. They could even restric it's use to once a season to keep it a long term goal
22/06/16 22:13
Thanks for your comments lads.

Are there any other Level 20 or 21 thinking of leaving?

The more the developers see hopefully the more concerned they will be about the longevity of this game and do something about it!
22/06/16 22:27
Welsh Wizzards & Welsh Wizzards Colts :

Thanks for your comments lads.

Are there any other Level 20 or 21 thinking of leaving?

The more the developers see hopefully the more concerned they will be about the longevity of this game and do something about it!

You can add me to the list lvl 21 player.

Match bonus is killing the game and I'm nearing the point of having all the main buildings upgraded with nothing to look forward to after that
23/06/16 04:28
I talked to support about some of these problems 4 months ago!!They told me there would be afew levels above 20 coming within the next few months.........After a month I checked back to see how far away they were and was told there wouldn't be any until more teams hit max

DEVOLOPEMENT TEAM THAT TIME HAS NOW COME, let's sort it out and keep our top players in the game!!!!!!


Aka, The Pie Shed, LL, HOC
23/06/16 10:26
Thanks for the good times guys! Best of luck to all of you.. i hope the developers make the game challenging again to keep you interested!