The BEGINNERS Guild local Tavern

19/01/17 19:21
Is the dog still crawling around on the floor?
19/01/17 20:11
qBaLL the Horrible :

Is the dog still crawling around on the floor?

No . He got back to home but apparently a woman full of anger was waiting for him there... Hope he is fine..
19/01/17 21:16
Hey Susie Cooper, just wondering. Are you by chance Susanne's Poets? I have seen the name before. Anyway pleasure to make your aquaintance.

Yeah, it's a bar. No, I am not hitting on you, lol. Happily married. Just love meeting people.
21/01/17 02:00
So I've got some questions that may be more advanced. Has anyone done various folder tactics for the defense? Example, you make a folder for each defensive formation. You set your players the way you wish, now you assign each folder a different down to activate. Would this work and could it be effective?
21/01/17 19:37
To answer my clone's question. Since there is no real defensive formation like the offense. The name doesn't matter, so in practice you could set up every defensive formation the same or slightly different. Now, since you've got a defense for each down, you also would vary the rhythm of each. And since everyone and there mother's brother's pet dog fido runs left or right, and hardly tosses to WR or TE. Stacking defenses on the edges are common place, however a lot are now running back towards the middle. So my young and less talented clone friend, be wary of the way you set this up.
21/01/17 19:42
It feels like I've stepped into the twilight zone
21/01/17 19:48
I may be a clone, but you're still an overused pile of experiments gone wrong. And thanks for the advice you rapidly molding excrement of a football team.

Oh and Q ball this is the Coalition's personal comedic setup. Ask anyone including Jason and he'll tell you that I bring the HAHA to his Home. But yeah it get's kind of weird to play two different people.
21/01/17 21:23
And here I was thinking time travel has become a reality. I'm a little disappointed to be honest
21/01/17 23:21
Don't listen to him Q, he's just mad that his tiny shriveled team can't get in the end zone everytime. I'm from the past to fix my futures screw ups. Never mind my blah blah molding something something dark side football team, I've scored more than Charlie sheen has compared to this sack of backasswardness. Copy and paste my formations, such as my Option Iso or Trap sweep. As least I toss the pig skin more... he just tosses his weak unsettled emotions like a momma's boy. Sam Tech 2.0 NEEDS A LIFE!
11/02/17 00:09
So many wish to understand folder setups and other info. Well, If you like a strategy based by down's then I recommend making one folder for each down. Make sure you assign that folder a down in the settings to the right. Then fill each folder with any plays you desire to be ran on that down, also this allows you to adjust each down for rhythm, pass speed, delay etc. You can also include the three defensive setups but they will use the same rhythm as the offense. If you need it different than just make a separate folder for your defense. I'm currently using a variant of this down folder strategy, it's not as broad as just a offense and defensive folder or a run and pass folder setup. For even more in depth, use one folder per play and totally customize this for every slider and down, distance, quarter, winning or losing etc. You also can use a Special folder for 4th down plays and 2pt conversion tries as well. There is a whole slue of folder options, I've tried folders by down, by 1st down distances of 2yrds, 5yrds and 10 yrds. I've also played with run and pass folders, and the basic offense/defense folders. You can do folders for each quarter, or whatever you desire. Feel free to try some of my examples and perhaps this will give you a leg up. Good luck and keep on scoring!