12/04/19 02:54
Think you guys that deserted your guild & friends to join the Grim Reapers are jerks.
Thanks for loyalty!!!
12/04/19 05:08
I didn't abandon $hit, be careful what $hit you talk before you create a world of pain for yourself...
12/04/19 21:13
I'm still there.
12/04/19 23:14
Mark buddy, not sure why you think poking the super guild is a good idea? Vent on a team and not the whole guild. I personally find this entertaining but just trying to help you =)

Get better and kick their ass! Use that fire the right way..... just my two cents, which equals -1 lol
13/04/19 00:59
You know Jammin, you and I haven't seen eye to eye on alot of things, but those my friend are wise words. He just went from stalking Randy to damn near calling out the whole damn guild. But I think you might wanna work on your math...
13/04/19 01:28
My math is fine Pack, I know what my opinion is worth LOL Never had a problem with you, just the way shit went down. All in the past.

Just nice to be not in the middle for once. More exhausting than the game itself.
13/04/19 01:45
man... I could get like 4 guilds worth of "high score"... that would not be fun defending... Springfield 49ers, should stop poking the "Dog". for real. Bark, Bark... mfer.
13/04/19 02:21
And yet all the guilds except our training guild are in the top 10 and growing...
Sometimes you just have to see the whole picture...
13/04/19 21:19
Josh your just a kiss ass to Randy!!!
13/04/19 22:05
no. I listened to Randy. and now I'm at #11 on the map and helping to manage 2 top 10 guilds. sounds like it was a good plan to follow to me.