are we being forced to retire?

22/06/18 20:03
Hello my main squad is obvs well recognised in the game for world elite and other things let say , Sadly think i'm gunna have no choice other than to retire in around 3-4 seasons time this is due to a lack of sufficent replacements. My quality level is around 250-260 but all i'm seeing in my Ah of late is old and useless players that are about 20 rated lower than my level to which I will not buy, if I can't improve my team I honestly don't see the point in playing . I could get up to 340 rated if I bought my way to glory yet i've never had a player above 280 rated. i dont expect to see 340 rated players available in the AH but I wanna see better quality of players and just generally more sufficent players available in the Ah it's ridicoulous to think I could get up to 340 yet never seen above 280 in my AH.
23/06/18 12:16
hmm man idk, try and save rps for the weekends if u dont do becuz thats what i do and i buy lots of good players... (its me Greg with a different account)