PIMPS or English prem

20/11/18 14:39

Nobody likes me
It's all my fault
Nobody likes me
Nobody likes me

Oh yes we all like you
We like you a lot
Yes we all like you
Yes we all like you

I never get a letter
We have no time
Never ever get a call from you
I have no dime

Oh yes you do
Oh no we don't [x3]
Yes! No! Yes! No! [etc.]

Never call, never write
Yes I do always try
Make me cry all the night
Sorry I made you cry
Make me sad, make me mad
Tell me true, what can I do?

Way too late can't can't make up
All the hate has built up
Ha ha ha ha ah

Right we all hate you
We hate you a lot
We hate all your family
We hate your dog Spot
Even Spot?
22/11/18 19:42
Wow.. What's this obsession with Ashley
27/11/18 03:11
Pimps are not inactive, just in limbo hoping for teams to join. We are the main core of American Outlaws and are waiting to get enough teams to start GC's again. Anyone who would like to join us are welcomed as our guild is open. Even Ashley and his mates. Thanks Jem
28/11/18 02:01
Speaking on Jammin's behalf cause he is banned for some unknown reason..... Correction: A couple Pimps are inactive at the moment cause they are going through some shit right now. Life comes first over a silly game and more of a reason we are looking for teams to join. Friendly our leader or a RH if interested and don't meet the fan requirement.

Jammin Giants