Retiring players

31/03/16 22:55
When did the option to sell players in their final year disappear...? I didn't see that referenced in the list of changes in the latest patch; would definitely have done a few things differently if it had been mentioned. Grr!
01/04/16 09:10
Damn, hadn't seen that either !
WHere do you see the latest list of changes ?
01/04/16 14:43
It should be in the patch notes section, but I didn't see it mentioned this time....oh well!
9 players retiring this year with about 6 I would have sold beforehand if I'd known. At least we know for next season Taff
01/04/16 14:49
Im the same i would have done so much differantly.. now im stuck with 5 retiring players
01/04/16 17:07
Yeah we do Mike ... Didn't see any patch notes for changes this time round .. Maybe I am blind lol
01/04/16 22:12
Yes I too got blindsided by that one.

Not the worse change in the world, sort of logical in a 'real world' scenario, but perhaps we should of had a couple of seasons notice, then as mentioned people could have taken different actions.
02/04/16 09:10
We can always shout Andy Goode at admin lol