Idea for mb in gvg

21/07/16 17:30
Thought of a way to minimise the effect of mb during gvg's. Would put every guild on a equal footing and really would help decide who is the bested precisely if they decide on ranking teams by gvg wins rather than fans.

Let's say I'm a 120* side and the side I'm about to play is 130* if I use mb I'd probably win easy right. But let's say the maximum amount of mb I could use was equivalent of 10* to make my side equal to the one I was about to play. It then would come down to who has the better tactics therefore the best side wins.

Now let's say I challenge a team who has less of a star rating than mine then I cannot use mb against them, only catch is that match would maybe a bit of of mis match due to the star rating difference, away around it could be that you can use mb in d games, still down to each players own preference to do so but if challenged by a stronger side at least it's a fair match.

Only a suggestion due the developers not budging on removing it.
22/07/16 19:06
this would make no sense at all what happens if you get challenged 6 or 7 times with teams using MB to beat you, but you have MB on also as the defence youd have no money left