Sved strategies

23/03/18 22:27
I'm sure it must have been suggested before but if so I would just like to add my voice to the idea. It would be very nice, and logical, if in our saved team strategies we could have saved individual player strategies as well, linked to the team ones. Thus when I activate, for example, "offline" team strategy, the invidual player strategies I have set for that would also be activated. In the event of a player not having set up the player strats, default ones that he has set up would apply. I also think, this is separate but connected, that automated substitutions should also be able to be linked to team strats, and player strats. But all of this is probably way too much to hope for!
26/03/18 21:00
ive suggested this in a ticket but they said they didn't want the game to get to easy