Rugga Docs ganging up on me?

13/01/18 02:03
Dragon blade :

It's a shame that some people use this forum to try and belittle/provoke people. Those people come across like absolute.....

Now please stop trying to pick on mooners and put the sauce down. You have a pro rugby match to play and your pro rugby club supporters would be very upset if they knew you were drinking tonight
13/01/18 10:14
Dragon Blade and DHSFP - I started because I have morals and don't condone cheating. Even at an online level. There are people who invest a lot of time and money into this game and are being robbed of their league standing and indeed money, by organised match fixing. If the leaders of each guild said 'stop it or be kicked', I guarantee it would stop. Is that not the job of the leader, to set an example? Well he's clearly set an example, because half of his guild have been at it! The fact that you condone it tells me you're either going to be at it in the future, or are simply scared to stand up to the Arena big man. Which is it?
13/01/18 11:59
Or his one priciple is to oppose you even if it makes him look like an unprincipled db. I think this is the true answer.
13/01/18 12:04
Touche. One of the three that's for sure.
13/01/18 17:40
Lots of unnecessary name calling in this thread. I’m assuming the forum will be pretty quiet over the next few weeks while all the impending bans are being served.

Or not.
13/01/18 19:45
Yes, i'm sure we won't be hearing from DHSFP or Dragon Blade for a long time given their foul mouthed tirade. Anything else would be bias towards me from the mods surely? I am massively offended and request that these two teams get lengthy bans. I would also request confirmation of this from the mods and/or admin. Amazing how i've never once sworn or name called anyone yet i've been banned countless times for calling a spade a spade and naming the cheats that spoil the game for others.
13/01/18 22:12
I'm not calling for nobody to be banned, he is just a simple minded db and it's mostly not his fault, but more was said yesterday than when I got my 30 day ban.
13/01/18 22:38
Did you see that tumble weed go past the screen Monks? That is what happens when someone swears at/insults me. Corruption at its finest. I'd issue a ticket and screen shots to the developers if i thought it wasn't a complete waste of time.
13/01/18 22:53
Nobody may have been banned already, hard to tell. I think now that he has sobered up he knows to hide in shame for a while so it could be self imposed or it could be imposed by a mod. I assume positive intent and that people do their best, so I will say mods saw it and acted, but who knows
13/01/18 22:55
They usually make a comment before banning a team.