Guild Ranking System by GVG wins

Hawkes Bay Magpies :

Taff - International Lions :

Building upgrade levels have been promised in next patch.... Timescale Unknown.

Good one Taff thanks for that

I was told a few weeks!
Guild should be ranked by the average of their players' level rounded up or down and then after by the number of guild challenge won.
Make more sens.
Cheers - Flammes
Hi peeps, can you introduce a bonus point system for scoring tries in the GVG.. This then counts towards the challenge results. We keep on drawing and would like to win in stead of drawing 5/6 in a row....
Personally the ranking system for teams isnt that bad, but currently there are 4/5 teams who dont belong there.
Would be good if GVG was set up like championships so that all the top guilds could play off

Instead of playing weaker guilds and winning all the time.

Arena of champions the number 1 guild.............?
Agree Hawkes, at Webb Ellis, we dont play the numbers game in regard to guild position. We concentrate on winning gvgs only. We have 3 players in the top 10 rankings though.