Retirement age change

11/01/16 12:09
Since the reduction in season length, it has been harder to strengthen a team and replace retiring players - there is only half as long in a season to earn recruiter points, But player prices have not dropped, partly down to the effect of the Guild Challenges.
So I propose that the retirement age for players is changed from 31 to 34 - this would have the effect of increasing the pool of available players and thus reducing prices a bit, and also allow lower-rated players to be developed a bit further. And 34 is arguably a more realistic retirement age anyway,
11/01/16 13:29
11/01/16 16:06
Totally agree but they want you to spend money!
11/01/16 18:00
Matt Farrell :

Totally agree but they want you to spend money!

Of course they do, but they need to get the balance right, or they will lose players. We probably all know games (anyone say Grepolis?) where the developers got too greedy and lost a lot of players as a result. There's a lot of grumbling about player cost, that's not good.