Some cheating going on? Also league structure sucks

02/07/16 09:27
What's been ignored.
The AH is an auction, highest bidder wins.
They have confirmed no cheating.

What else are you expecting.

The AH can be very profitable with the right strategy ....
02/07/16 10:38
Enorme Johnson :

Waspy Tiger :

Enorme Johnson :

I played another game where they banned having a second team. If you were discovered to have a second (or more) teams then both were deleted. Extreme transfers were also investigated and if dodgy trading was expected (a price substantially beyond market value) then the price was reduced to the typical value for that type of player. I think that was the fairest way to deal with this.

And as you say, that's another game, not this one. The devs have looked into these transfers, have found them to be as described, and that's an end to it, for now at least.

Disappointing that a long thread of upset players is simply ignored by the devs. Hardly good customer service.

Sorry,but that's utter nonsense. At least half the people in this thread aren't upset, and the originator was completely wrong in everything he said. The question has been answered.