Taff bending the rules again

01/01/17 13:24
So now whenever Taff gets to no.1 spot in the new ranking system, he continually plays friendlies so that he can't be challenged. If there is a way of minipulating a system or bending the rules, he'll find it! Come on moderators/developers, do something to stop this.
01/01/17 13:41
So someone comes online and plays their training games, goes ahead of you then plays some friendliest to refine their strategy / make their team better and you get upset?? Come on, you are better than that bluemooners!!
01/01/17 13:44
Just to politely put the record straight and give this thread some fact.
My training match was an hour and a half before my first self generated friendly.
Have you ever worked on a strategy ? Tested against various people ?
Tweaked it after and try again?

It's a game, get a grip.

01/01/17 13:47
Its been said that Taff is a mythical creature that even the Harry Potter franchise couldn't afford to include in their films, but not even he - with his mystical powers - can be online playing friendlies 24 hours a day. His intake of alcohol would be seriously affected if he did and that just wouldn't be acceptable to the owners of The Three Broomsticks, Hogs Head or The Leaky Cauldron.

Have you thought - just for a second - that you maybe online at the same time and the reason he does so well is that he plays lots of friendlies to improve his strategy and hence his position? Good god how incredulous is that thought?

At this time of the year, where it is the season of goodwill to all men (even you), please consider all options before jumping to conclusions otherwise just change your name to Bluemoaners - because if the sorting cap fits, wear it!
01/01/17 14:02
It's not a case of maybe i'm right, maybe you're right. I know i'm right, you know i'm right. It really is pathetic the tactics your 3 guilds will impliment.
01/01/17 14:10
This is now a 3 guild conspiracy to get Taff (who is a gobby scrum half and therefore not natural bedfellows with a prop) to number 1??? Wow, tin foil hats guys!!
01/01/17 14:12
Bluemooners :

It's not a case of maybe i'm right, maybe you're right. I know i'm right, you know i'm right. It really is pathetic the tactics your 3 guilds will impliment.

You may be right, but from the outside looking in they responded with fact and you with emotion.
01/01/17 14:16
Pretty sure i didn't say that, although it wouldn't surprise me. But, if it suits your agenda then by all means say it. The 3 guild conspiracy takes effect when you get a tough gvg and start swapping teams in and out of the 3 guilds. Seriously, if it isn't transferring of RP it's swapping teams in and out of guilds. If it isn't that it's playing continuous friendlies to keep Taff at no.1. Like i say, the tactics you lot will impliment really are pathetic.
01/01/17 14:17
Keep kissing their backsides Blackmonks and they might send you an invite one day.
01/01/17 14:20
Bluemoaners - is your real name Jayne? I ask because you sound so much like my first wife its uncanny! Regardless of the obvious, she would swear that black was white and right was wrong just like you.

Get a grip - do you honestly believe what you are saying could be and is being done? Non of the evidence - including the schedule of games played - supports your theory. Its just whinging and whining from someone whose ability to win competitive training games has been curtailed by the removal of MB!