A friendly forum for ALL (including the mods), so lets PARK THE BUS......please!

24/02/17 16:23
Colstons :

Man from delmonte please stop the last 24 hours the forum has been a happy place but you are digging up old ground again

It's been silent, not happy. Please don't confuse the two.
24/02/17 16:26
Today I was informed in a ticket that webb ellis was punished for statements made by carshalton and team gb because the admin had been told that webb ellist had told me to be silent due to my colours showing I was American and for calling me boy. I think that is a real grievance that the admin acknowledge that punishment for the behavior is needed and they are told it was not team gb that said those things. I think the admin was manipulated due to the language barrier but I understand how webb ellis could feel it is corruption (once admin gain I don't think it's corruption)
24/02/17 16:28
I also find it odd that both posts, two different topics, where I was told off by team gb has been deleted whereas any error by webb ellis is locked but kept immortalized in the forum history, once again I can see why webb ellis barks about corruption.
24/02/17 16:29
Not silent by any means just not the same topics being re aired all the time I think I have seen 4 new threads in last 24 hours
24/02/17 16:29
Now back to parking the bus, let's stop the abusive racially charged language and move on, but to move on don't say there is no valid point when there is. Thanks Liverpool for startan this topic, we all do need to move on but must be allowed to move on
24/02/17 16:30
So please remind yourself of the title of the thread and let's move on like Liverpool said
24/02/17 16:35
Monks have you received an apology and do you belive those resonsible have been punshed,,?

youve seen my ticket it looks as is if webb ellis and yourself are to blame from their response
24/02/17 16:41
Yes, the response I was given stated that webb ellis was punished for Karl and carshalton statements to me. Now let's park this bus and move on.
24/02/17 16:45
absolutely bonkers. can u raise a ticket?
24/02/17 16:46
ive sent you a ticket i received about the subject that though you were the victim they were keeping an eye on you! its clear that false information is being filtered to them.