Was that the PIMPS 1st GC loss?

21/07/19 11:04
Enjoy your climb...…..you know absolutely nothing about me then...……..your 1 of those heada in the cloud players back then and snub your nose at us lower level teams back then...….and now you want to act all high and mighty as if you are the savior or some shit...…..CNY your a hasbeen………..you can see or think a speck past your fucking nose since its so far in the air...……..I protect myself and my team......and if you truly knew RED you would know me...…….so you can go fuck yourself and your im better than you attitude......becuz there new blood and fresh dogs on top and when you finally get up here, come find me......and for the record you idiot fk…...C4L retired once and hes been gone...….the team is still in the system, but I no longer play it for a month now.....so stfu if you don't know what your saying...….idiot!
21/07/19 11:08
You're response is as good as your play. See you soon fuckwad
21/07/19 11:14
Nice response for a idiot fk who talks out his asshole...…...your 1 of those computer geek fks that lives in a basement and likes to talk a lot of shit becuz you missed out on shit in your childhood years...…...if don't know something don't talk shit about it dumbass!!!!!...………..try chess or something like that.....maybe you wont get butthurt when you lose playing that....fkn puss!
21/07/19 11:28
Lmfao classic keyboard warrior response feed Zeke. Come up with your own shit. Look here is the facts. You won congrats you guys earned it nobody is taking that away from you. Not me nor jammin or anyone else. However cocksucker dont play innocent with your original post. pimples isn't a shot sure I know that's our "nickname" but if you were on discord with the rest of the respectable teams in TDM, and no pimps cant see the shit you post in your own group genius, then you would have gotten your gratification. I congratulated you, Zeke congratated you (certainly hes not "a has been") Karl congratulated you (not a "has been") jammin did too but you come here and post this shit in a disrespectful manner and expect no response? FUCK YOU!!!! And honestly you can call me what you want in this forum but I'm certain you wouldn't be as bold in person. I hardly ever post in here and dont talk shit in discord however your pompous arrogant ass can eat shit. Do your research in your guild the roots of their success came well before you and yes I did establish a good relationship with Redskins during the end of his run. And you know what. I have no fucking clue where your team was at that time mr irrelevant.
21/07/19 11:32
Ps I'm not sure how you can become a has been in a computer game. I mean it's a fucking computer game
21/07/19 11:41
that's how fkn dumb you truly are...…..maybe find out the true facts before you open your piehole……….A pimple opened the discord you fk nugget.....and he even said he has the ability to look into any of the rooms he HAS to make if he wants to......boy, that sure sounds like a great deal for everybody...DUH!!!!!...…..If he can see into those chat rooms he can see anything and everything we may talk about when it comes to game stuff......your such a dumbass idiot!...…..And yes I was there BEFORE red retired.....becuz ya know what you fktard?...…..he made sure I got some of his pay players in the AH before he left......so STFU you stupid moran fk!!!!………….And no this post was meant to be a celebration for us at THE BAR...….and yes it was a question in general for anyone to comment......but it wasn't meant for people like you to TAKE something out of context and make it the complete opposite...…..that's why your a fktard!!!......idgaf about you or anything about you......you came in here looking for a fight and when you got it....you fkn pussy away......well CNY I could care less who u respect and who u don't...your a POS to me and always will be for that simple reason.....you came in to start shit......so go suck your thumb or something you stupid moran fktard!
21/07/19 11:57
Fact buster/ madog 3030 started discord. Great guy ... not a Pimp check your facts dumbass. I did not come here looking for a fight I came here because I heard you posted something disrespectful towards our guild and it was true fact check #2. If you had meant it in a respectful manner you would have said Pimps but you didnt. When Zeke, Karl, Jammin and I congratulated your guild we called you guys the bar (respect). And cool Red made sure you got a couple of players doesnt mean he and I didnt establish a friendship prior to he or I checking out of the game. And it also doesnt mean he and I didnt help get the ball rolling over ther in Wolf Moon. Yes the guild was called wolf moon before the bar you can thank myrtle beach raiders for the name change. Yep he was there before your ass too as well as Canadian Bacon. So dont come here with your almighty bullshit like you know everything. YOU Dont! Finally I could give two flying fucks if you like me or respect me.
21/07/19 11:59
Who's fucking dumb now?
21/07/19 12:01
Wow. Just read all that. You are a fucking jackass C4L . You must really love making out with yourself in the mirror while sticking objects up your ass.

As far as the Pimps. They not only have my respect, they are my friends. Great guys. I have been here since the beginning. NEVER have I seen them start a conversation about how great they are. But when they are attacked, they will attack back. the whole idea of this thread is ridiculous, and disrespectful. As CNY kept trying to say to you , it is a game. But you must have so many inferiority complexes you feel like you have to brag over one win on a computer game. What's the matter? Never accomplished anything in real life?

Remember how you would me messages on FB telling me about your victories over guild mates? Always with the line somewhat similar to, "Please tell so-and so that I am sorry or beating his ass so bad. "

REALLY?!?! Stroke your own ego, because obviously you need it.

Loser. Amazing you take the time to jump up and down and yell, "LOOK AT ME!!! LOOK AT ME!!!"

You have some serious problems.
21/07/19 12:04
AND HOW IS CALLING YOU PIMPLES DISRESPECTFUL?...…………….you just got done saying its your nickname numbnuts!!!!!...…...And if you congratulated THE BAR then fine.....Ilike I said...IM NOT ON DISCORD....so how the fk would I have known?.....so mr im smarter than you CNY, why did u comment anything?...….becuz I called you PIMPLES?...….what a cop out excuse to start shit!!!....you are and always will be a POS!!!...…….I never said you didn't know RED, I was there at his end is what I was getting at dumbfk……..and if you would have even known your own members you would have known me...but no, you were tooo good for people like me on my way up......and now im up there and your down there and it sucks don't it?.....well FUCK YOU CNY!!!
And yes I wasn't there when it was wolf moon your right...…...and I have known MBR for a very longtime...so don't start that ive been here longer than you BS.....becuz we both know you have been...….this has nothing to do with any of that......it has to do with you being nothing but a total prick becuz I said PIMPLES...….wow, what a idiot!!!