Training game screen on ios

14/03/17 12:18
Cant play any training games the screen is far to big and cant select an opponent.
14/03/17 12:56
It's not just on iOS.
15/03/17 04:15
Gar age
16/03/17 11:48
Andro8d too
16/03/17 12:22
Here you've gone Caen?

Poola, Cowboys and I have left Cymru, one of the best guilds. More around the game I know will be doing the same.

Players now running away from opponents, kicks going 80 yards, fully maxed players dropping every pass, weaker away teams on 65% energy running around like stags stuffing stronger home teams on 100% energy and MB, a sports shop joke of an innovation.

Desperate. It would appear that Sub are in self destruct mode and will haemorrhage revenue. They deserve to.

If I ran a car racing game and sold to paying customer upgraded cars to help speed up progress and enhance performance and then changed the code to nullify the enhancements and enhance weaker cars abilities, I would be asked for a refund.

This is what I am actively doing through Sub and Apple. I suggest everyone does. At no point did they advise during the transaction process that the code would be changed rendering the abilities of costly star players would be destroyed.

I shall not spend a single penny more here.