13/04/19 22:11
Did someone say high score game?
13/04/19 22:53
close. I'll let you know.
13/04/19 23:08
The Maddogs :

close. I'll let you know.

14/04/19 16:38
You know I'm not sure but I think pimps out smarted and out played you guys that tried to build a guild to beat them. How did that work out? Most of the teams that joined went back to thier original guild makes me laugh. And pack you are a traitor and once these changes cease to benefit you. You will be knocked back down where you belong
14/04/19 16:40
Randy is alright and I apologise for any bad remarks about him
14/04/19 18:47
Susanne M. Psyris :

Josh your just a kiss ass to Randy!!!

80-0 since Mark got benched. STFU.
14/04/19 22:13
Excuse me, Mr. Harley, but how am I a traitor. Why don't you talk some shit about something you know about, I don't think you were there...and don't get me started about how the Pimps outsmarted us, almost everybody will tell you, all y'all did was cut tail and run at the first sign of a challenge...
14/04/19 22:51
And please, Mr. Harley, tell me exactly where I belong? Since I've been in the top ten for the better part of a year now... and who's gonna be the one to knock me down, you, good sir? Please...
15/04/19 00:21
You bet your fucking ass you piece of shit. I was a pimp when you defected I kicked the shit out of you several times before the changes if you have a memory at all I beat your ass 62-0 once I'm good enough I will make changes and I will beat your ass to ground again. I'm having problems with you now that will end
15/04/19 00:41
Also pimps didn't cowher how the hell do you think a guild with nobody was less than a level 59 was going to lose? We had levels way below that it would have been stupid to play a guild that strong we didn't cowher we went into training to beat your ass