Guild taken over

13/02/22 02:36
I've been building on my guild For Ever Strong RFC for almost a year and just as I hade 20 every day active teams and were actually starting to grow as a guild one of my strongest teams warned he Wil leave unless I make him a leader... So as I don't want to loose him as he was a big team and gave us a big edge on most of the challenges I make him leader just to log in the next morning to be kicked alongside my fellow leaders... Made him self the only leader now I'm forced to start a new guild which brings me to the point where I'm starting to loose interest in the game its not fair that something like this happens... There should be a founder rank and that as long as the founder stays active according to the games standards he can't be kicked by no one...... I've taken over a full guild with 18 inactive teams which I've invited 6 new teams butt now I've been waiting for a apponent for almost 2 days and the new teams wants to leave if we don't start playing a challenge game soon.....
13/02/22 08:00
The best advice I can give is actually join one of the stronger guilds training guilds you will learn far more from these guilds than you ever will by trying to build one of your own. A lot of those training guilds have some top teams 2nd teams or former world no1s who retired and are now making comebacks
13/02/22 20:34
I can only echo what Socks has said here. There are loads of inactive guilds that you can take over, like you have, but chances of getting new teams in so you can compete is very slim.

Look for a good set up with active guilds and tag onto them. If you're active you will do well and gain some much advice along the way.

Club Damage for example have multiple guilds and are all really active. Maybe look for their 4th guild and get playing with them?