05/10/18 03:17
You're obviously struggling to understand every one else here, I cant help you with that. I said why would yaki lie reinforcing my statement to ask him, because he has no motivation to lie. If you need to write a thesis to show how you read what you read into other people's statements it's a bad sign. Enjoy your day, and I'm sorry that you folks at rugga are so upset and I hope things turn around.
05/10/18 03:23
And alas while I know everyone on here would love for me to make them laugh again by dressing another person down I have a confession. The fun of this forum is going head to head with intellectually interesting individuals. I do not mean this as an insult, but you dont meet the standard, you are to overt which takes away the dance. I genuinely hope things turn around for you and I wish you nothing but the best. Salud
05/10/18 03:35
I love how you edit your post to remove the insult, lol. Like I said, you're too overt. Good luck in your future ventures and I think with a little effort you folks at rugga can really turn things around and make it back in the top 130 guilds.
05/10/18 04:19
This has nothing to do with 'Rugga Rebels'. So wrong on that point! You have been mentioned once or twice Certainly not by who you think. And just a little about match-fixing. The main chat we've had has been about the GC's.
I didn't remove an insult, it was an observation about your lack of intelligence. Yet another lie!

You have the problem, you continually lie, read the comments on the last post. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, obviously wrong.

You never addressed my previous comments, because you are unable to.

Obfuscation is the order of the day, for you. Unable to answer straight questions.

So go ahead, try to make everyone laugh. You don't have the wit. You may have half a wit!
05/10/18 12:26
As always, post a single lie. You misread me profoundly and by misreading me you find inconsistencies, but that's an issue with your reading comprehension. Like I said, I don't want to fight, I want to remain cordial, and I wish you nothing but the best. And all your questions to me have been fully answered. I told you to ask yaki if he fixed the match because he will be honest in his reply because he has no motivation to lie. That is extremely clear in the original writing and my responses, I really am struggling to see how to make that any more clear for you. As always, I have been on here 3 years I think, 0 lies. Find a lie and quote it. If it takes a thesis to prove I lie based on erroneous misreadings of basic sentences then the issue doesn't lay with me. Good luck with your future.
05/10/18 13:45
I will take the above statement as a pure example. I will use your very own comments.

Quote 'As always, post a single lie.' indicates there is more than one lie.

Quote 'As always, I have been on here 3 years I think, 0 lies' Inconsistency!

Isn't a single lie enough, anyway? That is enough from me.
I'm bored with having to reiterate my points time after time.
I'm still waiting for 'the 'dressing down', As I read things incorrectly, I'm waiting for my dressing gown to be delivered.
05/10/18 13:53
Do you realize how profoundly illogical your above is? If you dont then I'm sincerely sorry. Have a good day.
05/10/18 13:54
I have lied 0 times which is why I have a low burden ofdisprove, you just need one. It is clear to anyone with a 2nd grade logic comprehension. I just asked my five year old where the flaw was and she saw it within 5 seconds, I'm not even joking.
05/10/18 14:06
So let me help and make it easy.
I say I have lied 0 times on this forum. (I have admittedly been wrong on multiple occasions and have admitted it, that is being wrong not being a liar)
I say you can disprove my statement and all you have to do is find 1 lie.

If I made a statement that I have never lied and all you need to do is find 5 times I've lied that would make me a Democrat, it wouldn't make me right.
05/10/18 15:16
Oh, I see. You're accusing me of lying. WOW and lol. And more than once. First time you've mentioned this, excuse my misinterpretation. I thought you were referring to your own lie. Let me clear up the words I edited out 'Or maybe it is a lack of intelligence?'' A question. I don't deem it as an insult. Unfortunately no proof.
If you're referring to 'Unable to answer straight questions'. Maybe I should have added 'some'. Hardly a lie.
So, a quote from yourself.

'evidenced by your all caps and name calling' You wanted 1. Go back from page 4 Find evidence of 'name-calling'.