To the Veteran Players

19/02/19 05:52
Always been my goal at bout that action. Yes it's my lil team. But if I had access to a former #1 player at day one I woulda enjoyed that. I actually take pride in watching my lil prodigies everywhere be beastin! Yes as vetrans nitros told us the future of the game is our hands. They don't care enough to show new players how to play and they quit. I've sent 18 million ticket item ideas exxagerating. Love the game but learn curve is steep if u have no idea. And if u learn too late it's already too late for ur team! Gotta teach em young. I just open the guild up and take a new level w.e. it is now 11? Challenge myself to teach another one!
20/02/19 04:14
Z....there are very few new teams that want to listen to experienced players,they all think they just have to throw money to the game and they will win...the game itself is driving people away....they don't fix simple problems that have been brought up for over 2 years...this is why i am bored with the game
20/02/19 12:53
I understand Barney... No worries Man. Hope you find the fire again. I do mean that. Rivals, friends, and good games are what this game is about.
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21/02/19 05:42
It's good to see people still interested in this game I love it I'm all about helping new players they need to understand it takes time to build a kick ass team