Patch 5.3

11/01/17 05:34
But another way to view why one gets so many challenges...
If you are number 3 on the log.... then you only have numbers 1 and 2 to try challenge.
But if you are number 18000 they let you challenge a 16000 guy. So the lower u are the more options you have and hence less challengers. But when in the top 200, everyone wants to knock you down. Up at 4000.... guys below get to aim at 3600 so will by pass you for example.
11/01/17 13:01
Fairie Glen Bulls good championship game against me today. Not alot of guy can pop up with such a great counter strat! It worked like a charm and left me answer less.
11/01/17 13:06
Thanks bulldog... I will add luck to that... so many other games I miss so many drops..
That is probably my most drops game that I can recall. Ps tho... I lose almost half my team to retirement soon
11/01/17 13:20
Haha come to think of it... dropkicks have never hurt me so badly before! Brilliantly done and good luck with the team mate.
13/01/17 13:24
I curse the day Sublinet introduced the purchasing of players with real money to the game. Yes, I am aware it's a business and it's done to make money, but if you've had to BUY any of your players (especially anyone who considers themselves a "top 500" team) with real money...Rant over.

Post edited. Duane, please do not repeat this type of posting. Thank you.
15/01/17 15:28
How is it possible for a team to be rank 92nd but have only players 4*, 5*, 6* & 7* not one player with more than that. I checked as some teams keep low * players to give impression of being weaker. But this team had not one player above 7*.
15/01/17 15:40
He was ranked at the top and near the top and then retired, sold all players and now is falling down the ranks rapidly. We lost some great teams this season
16/01/17 16:22
We need a few lvl hikes in the building department plz Mr sublinet agents, quite a few of us are basically maxed and waiting for some juicy buildings to sink our cash into
16/01/17 19:15
+1 Animals and maybe some new graphics with those upgrades in building dept. My base is looking old
17/01/17 10:20
Does anyone else have problems with their auction? When I enter mine the game crashes after 3 sec. Is their an update coming or is it a bug that needs fixing?