Can't score tries???

11/06/20 15:18
Damage Royal :

Guest ETF6R3 :

Hi, I'm in my 2nd season and something weird is happening. 9 games into the season and I havnt scored a single try or won a single scrum or lineout. Won a couple of low scoring games on drop goals and penalties. Is this normal? My team has higher than average player rating. I've adjusted strategy and also returned to default settings, nothing makes much difference. Just wondering if this is normal. When I watch games I'm puzzled by my teams inability to win a single scrum or lineout. Any advice would be great, thanks

This sounds to me like you haven't set up your individual player settings and that you are relying too much on the default settings for the main strategy also. So, in answer to your question on scoring tries, set your forwards and 9 up with minimal penetration in the individual player settings and your backs and especially your 12 with much higher penetration. Make sure you put high attack speed on your backs as well. There are other settings to play around with but discover those for yourself as that is the main enjoyment of the game.

Regarding scrums and lineouts. First of all, you need to have the right training on your players - your forwards in particular. You need to assign training points to scrum strength and coordination and you need to assign them to lineout jump on your catcher (i.e. the person you throw to on the main strategy) and lineout strength on the two players either side of him - i.e. your lifters.

Regarding the main strategy, scrum aggression also has a big impact on winning or losing scrums.

I would advise you examine the main strategy carefully and totally ignore the defaults. Think about how you want to play and adjust the settings accordingly. So if you want to pass more, then lower penetration etc etc. More often than not you will want to play with high attack speed (on both players and main strategy) - although there are some exceptions.

The important thing is to experiment, then watch the games and see how different settings affect your game and adjust and adapt as you go. You can also create several different main strategies based on styles of play and, more importantly, what is working well for you.

For the rest, just find an active guild that are willing to be helpful and explain.

Lastly, if you can't get the ball past your 10, then look at the penetration setting on the 10 and the main strategy and lower it accordingly.

Thank you. Hope this will improve my game.
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We have player strategy settings now???