Welsh Power Academy

31/01/16 01:19
The Welsh Power Academy has been established to act as a feeder guild for Top 5 guild member Welsh Power.

We are looking for members who want be part of a top 5 guild but have no way of standing out from the "norm". By joining our academy, members will be considered first and if they meet the criteria of the Welsh Power, will be invited to join when vacancies occur.

Welsh Power is a great guild with friendly members who know the importance of working as a team. All members have the chance of participating in guild challenges and the members with fewest fans are always able to boost their income to help them grow by being swapped into challenges.

Welsh Power is an active talkative group of players with loads of "heal packs" shared daily. It is hoped that the academy will be exactly the same.

One more point - you don't have to be Welsh to join .... but expect the banter to be increased if you are not

31/01/16 01:38
Good to see you helping new guys comming up im currently in lomus legand academy and have learnt so much from the more experienced players, hope you have the same success
31/01/16 02:18
Thanks Richard - I have a team in Welsh Power too and we learnt a lot from your guild when we played each other in a challenge. Looking forward to the next meeting!
01/02/16 22:40
Would be interested as it's time for me to join a guild.
01/02/16 23:04
Come and Join , This is a real good Guild , every one ready to help , and best of all We have Fun, and share heals tactics all the time! I been a member from the start . GD
03/02/16 17:02
Cheers GD.

Pleased to say the Academy is now up to 11 members and our first Guild Challenge starts tonight.