Replace RPs with Gold Balls in Guild Challenges

07/04/17 11:15
If Sublinet are going to do nothing about the quality of players in the Auction Houses then what is the point in having a ton of RPs from Guild Challenges when there is nothing useful to spend them on? I think if this continues they would be better off changing the rewards from RPs to Gold Balls. At least you can spend them on something useful like "Quick Training" for your players.
09/04/17 23:35
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11/04/17 18:05
17/05/17 13:52
This would be a positive move for the players but the developers want us to buy the max'd out players with real cash. Any decent players (very few) in the auctions are just going for ridiculous RPs pushing players to spend real cash. As a result many will/have leave/left the game as it is impossible to compete unless you are prepared to pay.