Guild Wins Ranking System

03/09/17 23:07
guest_1457568765101 :

Thank you 'friend' of 'mooners' players continue to join my guild... With their Own minds lol u 'v special' guy.. I'm not 'worried' at all...

On a side note... please stop inviting me to your guild.
04/09/17 21:49
Ummmmmmm I don't... but seeing as u yourself have been banned I know who not to reply too :-D.
05/09/17 08:17
Hutchie, do you intend to update this thread, thereby bringing it back on subject, or shall I lock it?
05/09/17 08:35
Thanks to all who acknowledged the original list and I will update it at some point in the future. But maybe best if this thread is locked now.