Performance difference between levels

01/08/19 20:56
Dear Sweet Nitro.

I wonder if i can request a change?

Right now the difference in performance between lvls at the top end of the game is unsurmountable. Its almost impossible for a lvl 95 to challenge and win against a lvl 96, for example. This ruins the game as it means that guild challenges simply boil down to which guild has the most top level teams.

Pls can you consider to reduce the performance differentials between levels so that teams from lower levels have a chance against teams of higher levels. It used to be like that and the game was better for it. There is no reason why teams in say the top 3 or 4 levels should not be able to make meaningful contributions in guild challenges.

Thx for listening
02/08/19 01:00
100% agree with this. I believe it got worse when they introduced auto-subs but that is not the only factor. I remember the first time I got to no. 1 on the game I was two levels below top and my first defence was against sniper - offline - so I didn't sub. The first time I got into the top 100, I was 10 levels below everyone else.

Today, those things would be unheard of. Nigh on impossible. Back then people were doing it.

I remember a patch or five back Sweet Nitro claimed they introduced this mysterious 'intensity' parameter which actually worked against the lower level team (one of their more retarded ideas, it has to be said). I always doubted whether they did anything at all and it was a smokescreen for the crazy randomness in the game at that time, however, maybe they did actually do something?

Regardless, your suggestion would solve a huge number of problems with the game at the moment.

1) Firstly it would reduce the need for match-fixing. I think we can all agree we all want less of that. Most of us anyway.
2) The people with the better gameplay and strats will have a chance to shine and it won't simply be a matter of having plus 5 on each skill.
3) GCs would be hugely more fun and more competitive between a greater range of guilds

Your idea gets my vote 100%.

In fact, I vote that Sweet Nitro actually reverse the intensity setting to put the higher level team at a minor disadvantage. Therefore you have to be worth your salt at the level you are at to defend.

The other thing I would to see is for them to bring back that fatigue setting from a patch or two ago that made the gameplay much more like real rugby as you could actually tackle from behind.
02/08/19 12:18
Agree w everything u said here wales. Right now, it involves no skill at all to beat a team from a lower level. Just press play and dont even think. That cannot pissibly right. Why is a team mazd on 515 atars so much better than a team maxd on 510? It should be a very minor difference, and it would bring back some much needed competitiveness through all levels of the game.