Fatigue and training matches

01/02/17 09:22
Can someone answer this please? ......if I train my Squad and they are running at say 64% and then I go to play a game a warning screen comes up that they are tired do I still want to continue? That's fine, I don't. BUT what happens when somebody else challenges or has a friendly with me? Do my team play at that fatigue level they are on? Or do they automatically revert to 100% for these games? I know challenge matches on average takes 2% a player.
I have been challenged and had some serious beatings by higher grade teams but are they playing me at 100% fitness level or the true level they happen to be at at the time of challenge?
01/02/17 10:25
Your players fatigue level being played at is always the value shown under energy or true level as you describe it. They never revert to 100% unless you heal them up.
01/02/17 10:54
Thanks Coach, I feel happier now knowing the serious tonkings I have had are not as bad as they look as I let my Squad recover naturally rather than waste heals. I prefer to use heals for injuries during the playing season. Cheers once again for the quick reply.
Also whilst I am on I have had quite a few invites to join Guilds. I am not being rude by not responding but I play this game on my iPad and do not use Facebook so I can't join any Guild.
Ian. Aka Abbey Overseas.
01/02/17 11:02
You dont need facebook to join a guild. I only play the game on my android phone and only use facebook to keep a backup of my game.

I would suggest you do join a guild as they help you build up heal kits, help with strategies and advice and have some fun banter.
04/02/17 00:23
Yes joining a guild is absolutely essential and it's definitely not linked at all with Facebook. Make sure you join an active and friendly guild. If it's not, then move on.
04/02/17 21:27
To be honest the guild system was a stroke of genius - if it wasn't for my guild and characters within it I'd have given up a long long time ago...